I was selected to be one of the successful applicants in gaada's first year of workshop bursaries. 

I worked alongside  gaada to collate a selection of mono prints which I had been drawing for some time. they depict a dream diary I keep.

 “I brought some of my personal sketchbooks to the workshop. Strewn about the table were loose sheets, small drawings and monoprints. It was only from utilising their large table space where I placed each piece and began rearranging them, I was able to put them together in a cohesive manner and figure out where I would like to go. 


What was first a small book-making experiment consisting of a few pages, then evolved into something far richer. My zine focuses on intimate monoprint entries from my personal dream journal. It is something I keep to help my understanding of the unconscious mind, but also to keep track of my own mental health."


gaada blog entry

I can't ever get home
is now available in limited quantities via gaada's site here.


With the help of Gaada I was taught how to use computer software to edit and rearrange my works into book format. We adjusted and cropped various paper sizes to create an interactive picture-book experience. Pages can be turned to uncover the horrors of the mind. Some are sad whilst others are simply unsettling. Ultimately this zine has changed the way I look at my own practice and has offered valuable insight for my printmaking passion. By making this book it has helped to focus my monoprints and transformed them into a small body of work which tells a story with integrity.

I can't ever get home | zine
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